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Loomis Dean Gypsy Dancer, 1960

"They’re terribly sensitive people, the Gypsies, and like a beautiful Czech madonna playing with the infant Jesus they have big human eyes that make your blood run cold, eyes that reflect the wisdom of a culture long forgotten."

Bohumil Hrabal

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Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Fall - Winter 2014 -2015

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the deeper you go the bluer the water getspj

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By the time we got to this last push, everyone was leaving. Due to incoming rain and the possibility of lightning, the park ranger had urged us to turn around. Caley had no interest in turning around, nor did I. As we reached the top of Half Dome, everyone had fled and we sat alone on top of one of the most famous rocks in the world.

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Julia Butterfly Hill lived in a 180 ft tall, roughly 1500 year old California Redwood tree for 738 days between December 10, 1997 and December 18, 1999. Hill lived in the tree, affectionately known as “Luna,” to prevent Pacific Lumber Company loggers from cutting it down.


 come and see the world with me 

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البلد - جدة

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